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HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for Oracle APEX Developers
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

In this class you will get a rapid hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of web development using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (including jQuery). The course is meant for students who need to get a jump start on all three front end technologies or a refresher on the fundamentals. While the majority of the course material is independent from APEX, it is beneficial for Oracle Developers who are unfamiliar with web development technologies looking to move to APEX.

Students should be prepared to cover a lot in three days (or 21 hours online) and to be ready to spend some time afterward reviewing the content on their own to solidify and build upon the skills taught in class.

The class is primarily web development with some ties to APEX. Additionally, the following lessons have been added to demonstrate how these languages are used specifically in APEX.

  • Generating HTML dynamically in APEX using PL/SQL
  • Understanding APEX Themes and Templates
  • Adding JavaScript to a page in APEX
  • Using Dynamic Actions (declarative JavaScript) in APEX


Average Student Rating:
Slavik Gidenko Marion County OR
that instructor knew enough information to make course interesting. Also had peripheral knowledge of the subject

Zahid Khan Blacks Outdoor Retail Limited
It was perfect.

Course material, Tutor's expertise and presentation.

Brian Hopper Marshall University Foundation
Integrating HTML, CSS and Javascript within APEX

Jeff Wells State of NH
[What did you particularly like about the course?] It cleared up for me a great deal of what is going on beneath APEX and how to enhance my APEX applications beyond what is provided by the declarative nature of the tool.

Soseh Zaryan LA County
first chapters are simple and too much time spent on those. Mobile development needs more time instead.

Alan Baltazar Pima Community College
Instructor is personable and enthusiastic.

Aram Mardikian
I think the delivery method [online] is very good.

The material was delivered very well. The instructor knew the subject matter very well. The interaction between the instructor and student was very professional.

Darryl Moore VDACS
I think this course should have been extended 2 more days or taught in a longer time frame. It was just too much subject matter to digest in 5 days/ 4 hrs.

Good foundation for HTML and CSS.

David Bradshaw Self
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor presentation skills

Scott Lisech Scott Lisech
CSS part was thorough and filled in a whole bunch of gaps in understanding.

very happy with course.

Diedra Smith
This was the first online course I've taken. It worked very well.

The content exactly met what I needed in a good introductory presentation of HTML and CSS.

Bria Harner Crump Life Insurance Services
I liked the small class size and in-depth coverage of the material

Erick Diaz Jorge Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Everything worked well.

deven browning browning
This worked fine

Alan Sheppard LSG Solutions
The CSS aspect over the HTML aspect

megan gautier creighton university
No, the delivery was fine and I appreciate the extra effort that was made in getting my connected with a headset.

I liked the instructor's enthusisam about the subject, he was very responsive to students

Stephanie Collins Hampton City Schools
Instructor was knowledgeable. Course length was perfect.

[improvement ] Making more specific notations in the Workshop guide to direct you to where the exercise files are located.

Danny Canning Pennant Canada Limited
The presenter was fabulous and the demos he gave, especially when he showed how to work through issues were fabulous. I cannot fault him in any way.

Scott Von Kamecke Computech
Conveinent - half-day classes work well for me.

(unedited) Videos for the online class should be available later on same day so they can be reviewed before the next class.

Juergen Schuster Juergen Schuster IT Beratung
nope [no suggestions for improving online delivery]

The trainer, the best I ever had and I had a lot ;-)

The title of the course is misleading HTML5 and CSS3 I thought it covers just that only the new stuff of HTML5 and CSS3. Instead it started from the very beginning of HTML and CSS, which makes totally sense for an APEX developer who came from the backend side of Oracle e. g. Forms, but not for somebody who has quite some experience in frontend technology.

Dave Lloyd Great Western Insurance Company
I am a total fan of this online training....[instructor] especially does an awesome job doing this kind of training

I am a total fan of this online training. Dan especially does an awesome job doing this kind of training. I love his presentation skills. They are very natural and "real".

John Squire false
I did wonder if it would be better to run the course earlier in the day so it was then possible to consolidate ones knowledge during the afternoon

[particularly liked ]The aspect of developing web application in conjunction with Apex

It would be good to have a slide on what was being covered on each day and the associated page numbers from the course book so that it was possible to read up in advance. I would like to have done more on setting up templates

Jeffrey Merritt NC DPI
Online software was just fine.

The expertise in the subject matter the instructor possessed was impressive.

The course is designed for folks who have more than the basic knowledge of html, css, and java script however for someone like me, who is not as well versed in those three areas, I still benefited from the class. I took away that I would not be waisting my time learning more about html, css, and javascript as well as how it can be used with APEX.

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