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Fast Track to Java 8 and OO Development
5 Day Onsite or 35-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training.

Fast Track to Java 8 and OO Development provides a comprehensive introduction to Java suitable for programmers with existing programming experience. It can be taught to audiences with less experience by reducing coverage of the optional, more advanced topics.

Java is one of the most important programming languages used today, and its correct usage is a critical part of many systems being written now.  The basics of the language are relatively easy, but the challenge lies in learning how to use it well.  This is especially true regarding the Object-Oriented nature of Java, which for many developers is a new way of approaching system design and construction.

In addition to teaching you everything you need to become productive in basic Java programming, this course draws on our extensive experience to provide a solid understanding of the core OO and Java concepts and practices needed to create well designed Java programs. It covers all the key OO capabilities and how to use them in Java, including material on creating well designed Java classes, using encapsulation, building more complex functionality with composition, and using inheritance to share functionality and create specialized types. It also covers more advanced concepts such as using interfaces, working with the Java Collections Framework, and overviews of accessing databases with JDBC and JPA (including labs using JPA).

This course is suitable for environments using Java 8, but almost all the labs can also be done with Java 7. The material and labs include coverage of useful new Java capabilities such as default/static methods in interfaces, try-with-resources (Java 7), and lambda expressions. It also stresses the use of good coding practices for all the examples and labs. This course is available for most IDEs, such as Eclipse and IBM RAD

Be prepared to work hard and learn a great deal! The course can be held on-site & customized to fit your needs.

All labs are done using the Eclipse Development Environment, and the lab instructions include detailed directions on using Eclipse and the Eclipse wizards and tools.

Labs: Minimum 50% hands-on labs

Supported Platforms: Java 8, Eclipse, IBM RAD (Requires Java 8 support), Other IDEs upon request

Skills Gained:

  • Understand Java’s importance, uses, strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand Java language basics
  • Write, compile, and run Java programs
  • Understand the Object Model and Object Oriented Programming
  • Understand and use classes, inheritance, polymorphism
  • Create well designed classes and use them in your Java programs
  • Use composition and delegation to create objects from other objects
  • Understand & use packages to organize code
  • Understand interfaces, their importance, and their uses
  • Use interfaces to implement abstraction
  • Learn good Java coding style
  • Create well structured Java programs
  • Compile and execute programs with the JDK development tools and with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of your choice
  • Use the core Java libraries (java.lang, java.util)
  • Understand & use exceptions for error handling
  • Understand the basics of using JDBC and JPA, and use them to access databases from Java
  • Use the Java Collections Framework
  • Be aware of, and use the new features of Java 8, as well as important advanced features of earlier Java versions
  • Understand and use basic I/O streams (Optional)
Average Student Rating:
George Cuthbertson Yavapai College
[Online training] Software was satisfactory. One student had intermittent issues with headset mic, but other than that it worked well.

I liked the online venue. It provided all the presentation tools and required no travel.

No suggestions -- good training

Mike Denkevitz Yavapai College
Ken is an awesome instructor. Very knowledgable and personable.

Jeff Torrey Yavapai College
Ken. He delivered the material well.

Todd Sinclair SIUE
I think the delivery of everything worked out well. We had a phone we had to listen through, which made things a little harder to hear, but that is to be expected in an online course.

I thought Ken was very knowledgeable and he didn't have a hard time answering any of our questions. Having the solutions available was helpful.

I think the slides and labs could use some improvement. There were relative examples in the course material to help with the labs, but there were times I felt like I could not find the answer I needed in the material. I would also like to see the labs not build off one another throughout the entire book. Building off of a previous lab one or twice seems fine, but using the same lab to build on through the entire book seemed a bit troublesome. When I had a mistake in a previous lab, I had to copy code from a previous solution, which had code written entirely different from mine and made it more difficult to complete the lab.

Kevin McHenry Iowa State University
It covered a lot of material, instead of getting bogged down in syntax.

Ben Green Iowa State University
Lots of interaction between students and other students, students and instructor. Instructor guided the learning, but was flexible and willing to address topics as they came up. Hands-on labs were very valuable.

Cindy Calsyn Iowa State University
hands on excersises were helpful

John Hascall Iowa State University
Whenever I thought "but what about..." the instructor invariably started discussing just what I was wondering.

Jason White Iowa State University
I liked the lecture/lab structure and that we were given ample time to complete the labs and take breaks.

David Durand Georgia Health Sciences University
Instructor knew material very well and interacted with class.

Pam Noblett Augusta State University
small class, individual attention as needed, instructor willing to go over material as needed until we all understood.

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