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Fast Track to Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB 3)
3 Day Onsite or 21-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training.

The Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 specification is a deep overhaul of the EJB specification that is intended to improve the EJB architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer's point of view.  It leverages annotations (introduced in Java 5) and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) technologies to eliminate the dependence on complex EJB APIs, allow POJO (Plain Old Java Object) based development, and provide an effective technology for creating distributed, transactional components, and for mapping relational data to an object schema.

This course provides thorough coverage of the EJB3 technology - presented in a clear and effective manner. It starts with the basic concepts and APIs of EJB and then continues on with complex topics such as message driven beans and transactions.  New concepts such as the use of annotations and the use of Dependency Injection to initialize references are covered in depth. The course also includes a solid introduction to developing persistent entities using the Java Persistence API (JPA). 

The coures uses hands-on labs and a well-paced approach to make this complex technology understandable in an accelerated fashion.  You will come away with a comprehensive understanding of EJB and the important issues that need to be considered to use it in real world applications. This course can be customized to your requirements.


  • Understand the EJB 3 architecture and API, and how it fits into the overall Java EE architecture
  • Understand and use the EJB 3 annotations
  • Create, deploy & use stateful & stateless session beans
  • Use EJB 3 dependency injection to initialize resources
  • Understand and use Interceptors (Lifecycle and Business Method)
  • Use JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
  • Write EJB clients (remote and local)
  • Understand, deploy and use message-driven beans
  • Understand distributed transactions, the Java Transaction API, and the EJB transaction model
  • Understand and use the EJB security model
  • Understand the new Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Create deploy and use JPA persistent Entities
  • Map relational schemas to persistent entities, including the use of primary keys
  • Understand and use the EntityManager
  • Understand and use Java Persistence Query Language
  • For more advanced classes, optional additional coverage of JPA allows you to be familiar with more advanced JPA concepts such as entity relationships (1-1, 1-N, N-N, unidirectional, bidirectional), and inheritance
  • Understand practical architectural issues associated with EJB applications
Average Student Rating:
paulo baptista brown university
Enjoyed learning about Java Beans. Learning the use the NetBeans IDE was a time saver.

Karyn Shepherd Lockheed Martin
The instructor was excellent and enthusiatic about teaching the course.

Do more of the exercises together with the instructor than individually. Lots of questions arose that may have answered other people's questions or questions that they did not think of asking.

Roxanne Wood Lockheed Martin
it covered j2ee in great detail

Terry Curran Lockheed Martin
The labs provided an opportunity to use the knowledge provided in the lecture.

Lynn Fogal Lockheed Martin
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor's presentation -

Include one or two Group Lab Exercises -

Harold Clack Lockheed Martin
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor was patient and very helpful.

Need to narrow the skill set of students so less time is spent getting some students up to speed.

Brian Vigna Lockheed Martin
The lecture portion of the class and short excercises.

McGregor Yatsevitch Lockheed Martin
Exercises matched the material well.

For a few of the exercises too much time was given before moving on to the solution discussion.

Daniel Stieglitz Lockheed Martin
I enjoyed the instructor being very patient and answering every question patiently and clearly.

It would help to have a little review session before attempting the exercises. I found it some what difficult after listening to a full chapter being able to then jump in and do the exercise. I know there was a recap at the end of the chapter but I really could have used some more time to absorb some of the concepts.

Susan Herrell Lockheed martin M&DS
The course was well presented and the labs were well designed to reinforce concepts. David did a great job and I liked the fact that, even though I did not possess the java programming skills that are needed for this class, that I could keep up based on the provided solutions, and of course, David's help.

William Lash LMCO
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The structure of the course.


Shane Gustafson Lockheed Martin
The instructor was very good and presented well.

Gary Templar Lockheed Martin
training manual was good and sequenced correctly from one subject to another

cut some of the coding that didn't reinforce ejb need for all the coding to make the account work. Creating, accessing, and using beans could have been demonstrated with lesstime spent on coding non-instructuive code. Loyts of time spent debugging tool problems...waste of class time.

Alissa Sprigg
I liked the on-hands part of the course. It helps to reinforce learning.

The course was very helpful and satified my objective to gain practical understanding of EJBs. The tool we used was a little but of a challenge to use!

Jim Kempton Lockheed Martin
The instructor had a good understanding of the material and could relate it to real world instances.

Prerequisites were not communicated prior to the start of the course. However, this may be a Lockheed Martin communication problem and not a Skillbuilders issue.

Kristen Lantz Lockheed Martin
I thought the labs provided strong reinforcement of the discussion topics. I also liked the code examples and how they were carried out through the course.

A more detailed discussion of the various AppServer (or at least the more popular ones) would have been helpful.

Christopher Appleman Lockheed-Martin
Well organized workshops.

Paul Roberts Lockheed Martin
The book was very good and the instructors interaction with the students was very good.

Simplify the labs, don't attempt to build a full blown Bank/Account application. Create labs which have relatively simple steps and lead to success. Too much time was spent debugging problems with the deployment tool. At times it seemed we we're attempting to do too many things at once with the deployment tool, thus pin pointing the problem was difficult.

marlene quick-campbell lockheed martin
The basic course material with lab for reinforcement

more step by-step instructions (with snapshots) for using the tool

Joe Schmitz Lockheed Martin
The course was a great introduction into the confusing world of J2EE. There were several recommedations made in reference to reading materail outside the scope of the class that was greatly appreciated.

The excersices were teadous at time. This may be due to lack of knowlege within the EJB world.

claudia woods Lockheed Martin
[What did you particularly like about the course?] presentation, content, and use of examples & analogies

more reliable tools

Neil Brierley LM
I enjoyed the course. It offered what I needed. thanks.

Naturally some people complete labs ahead of others. Consider a "quick start" lab option, or break labs into two parts, allowing students to select a starting/ending point.

Pamela Richardson Lockheed Martin
The course was useful, gave plenty of examples and the workshops were clearly related to the section. Instructor was very knowledgeable.

Chonda Young Lockheed Martin
The Instructor was well prepared, able to answer or even knew where to get answers, and analogies of famaliar concepts to the concepts presented in class.

jeffrey paul
Ability of David to apply Java knowledge to SFG applications.

lee aronson ge capital (SFG)
[What did you particularly like about the course?] the depth of the training

Brian LaRusso GE Capital - SFG
instructor gave good examples that were easy to understand

none. I would be cool if you could use a real website as a case study.

Susan Martinoli GE Capital
I took an EJB course through Sun last fall, and this helped me understand the theory behind EJB a lot better.

More time would have been nice, we had to cut out some of the labs to cover all of the material.

Kevin Robillard GE Capital SFG
instructors knowledge and desire to make us understand the information.

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