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Oracle Data Guard Administration Workshop
21 Hour Online Hands-On Training or 3-Day On-Site 

This hands-on course will teach you how to implement the capabilities of 12c Data Guard (back-ported to earlier releases when necessary) with insight into how best to exploit the various features. Most of the activities require use of command line utilities. Time permitting, we can demo graphical interfaces, but we believe knowlege of command line is essential for understanding what a graphical tool does.

As with all SkillBuilders courses, this class (if conducted at your company facilities) is highly customizable to your specific training requirements. This course is designed for database administrators, though IT Management will also find the content valuable for planning and infrastructure design purposes.

Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 50% of the class.

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Good Question!

Why should all Enterprise Edition sites use Data Guard? Because it is more than zero data loss. For example, it can give you performance (Logical Standby), and development and testing systems (Snapshot Standby). And it doesn't cost one cent - you don't even need two servers to get these benefits. Let us show you!!

Oracle Certified Master 
John Watson
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OCA Oracle Database 12c
Installation and Administration Exam Guide (1Z0-062)



3.    Why should all Enterprise Edition sites use Data Guard?
Because it is more than zero data loss. For example, it can give you performance (Logical Standby), and development and testing systems (Snapshot Standby). And it doesn't cost one cent - you don't even need two servers to get these benefits
Average Student Rating:
Jeremy Kellar Acxiom Corporation
I thought online meeting software behaved well and reliably. My only suggestion would be for a larger chat window.

The course logically progressed from an introduction to Data Guard concepts to exercises requiring configuration and use of its more sophisticated features.

Aarti Shah
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor's knowledge sharing real time example. He answered almost all of my thousands questions, during the class and after the training was over. He always motivated us to practice more and more so we could learn better during the class. Even when he didn't know the answer he went beyond and did his research to solve my doubts.I really liked that quality of him. The course was gr8, I feel so damn confident about this technology!

[Please describe your suggestions for improvement of the course.] total of 20hrs was not enough. I feel instead of spending time in how logminer(enabling technology behind teh logical stdby) works, he could have spent time on Dataguard with RAC. He just talked little about it though. Exercise needs rework, very few though, its lil buggy. Instructor is so great with vast knowledge so I hate to say but I would give this course 4 star instead of 5. However instructor gets two thumbs up!!

Debra Labanowski Self-employed
I have no suggestions for improvement.

This was another great class delivered by John Watson - a highly technical and hands-on instructor.

SkillBuilders is the best training company that I've worked with. The scheduling process is very simple and the instructor is extremely knowledgable and helpful.

Andre Lie Brown University
- training material matches what we need to administer our DG environment - training exercise is clear and concise

[ suggestions for improvement?] nothing

Kathy Revotskie Brown University
The instructor was very enthusiastic, engaging and skilled. He made the class enjoyable and insightful. The exercises worked very well to reinforce the course material.

William DeBlois Brown University
The instructor [Oracle Certified Master John Watson] did a great job and the labs were well prepared.

[ suggestions for improvement?] none.

Jeanette Hoffman State of North Dakota
How John incorporated the RAC theroy and syntax even though it was not part of the course description

Mike Hancock UNC Charlotte
The level was good, not to simple

cynthia hauger itd
[any improvement?] no, it was very good.

I liked the 1/2 day 5 day sessions alot, 1,000 times better than whole day classes. I think John is a great instructor, he also cares about helping us learn.

Jackie Huang
The teacher is good.

Jayson Cofell State of North Dakota
The instructor [John Watson] was excellent.

Brad Kudrna State of North Dakota
The instructor [John Watson] was very knowledgeable and entertaining, very good class.

Bill Lowe Acxiom Corporation
I really enjoyed John as my instructor. He was extremely professional, personal, and deeply concerned about us understanding the concepts of in this course.

If the course could afford splitting the database servers, that would be extremely beneficial.

Eugene Brouillette AAASNE
The class exercises were in both UNIX and Window. I was able to do the class exercises in LINUX and then I repeated them on our test servers in Windows. I'll be repeating all of the exercises in Windows and then use the exercises to create step by step instructions on doing it on a larger test envirment before doing it again in production.

Clearly the best technical class I have ever taken. John’s class was so good I have been able to replicate most of the class London/Berlin exercises on our Windows severs in our NY disaster and test location. I also created my own test primary and test standby database and was able to switch the roles back and forth. As a final test, this week I was able to create a standby database from our full copy of the membership test database. I also created brokers for the primary and standby database and switch them with the broker. I was then able to use our application server to update data on the switch database and then switch the database roles to confirm that the data was now on both databases. I even create a RMANCAT catalog database and have already started using it to capture RMAN backup information from local disk backups and EMC NETMANAGER tape simulation disk archives.

William Moore
John is very well prepared. He instills confidence in his students and simplifies the complexities that are involved. It is important that the class uses what most businesses are going to use in the next 1-2 years, rather than last year, and I think that is clear many companies are not ready for the cloud except on their phones right now. The PDF is key. Without it and the exercises we would be lost. That helps us a bunch. I did like the PPT at the beginning day or two because it had notes, and notes are key for recalling key concepts and help re-instill concept say 6 months down the road when finally implementing specific solution.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] I stated much of that above. I think another hour added each day would have been more suitable, i.e. 5 hours a day. Maybe that changes pricing. The $1800 pricing makes it affordable that people might take the course. If the course were over $2000, that might deter some from taking. 25 hour course might have helped some, but I was fine with the 4 hours on and 4-6 hours on my own. I got used to that schedule by Wed-Thu. You have to do the exercises on your own time. If you wait until the next morning, it really delays the course somewhat, and gets the class out of sync. One needs to commit to the course layout so it does not affect other students the next morning when they are ready to ask questions, but it is understood that the course builds and SB does a great job of course layout. Definitely worth price, might consider add another 1 hour, just a thought. Again I dont think I needed it because I had dealt with some variations of standbys in recent past.

[Please describe your suggestions for improvement of the course.] I might have added that above as well. Great teacher, Great layout, might add more time. Also I did like the primer for access per student all-in-one document - I would use that in future. Really helps you get started over weekend, and lowers amount of emails, but VNC did not work with awsamazon, etc because it was too long for VNC viewer, etc - Didn't get VNC running until WED or later; at that point I just used what I had been using, so that was disappointment - plus there is some kind of bug with the web version depending on browser types: might research that and you might have indicated what to do, but if you don't do it right first time, it wont work, plus there was issue of round robin IP address access and different port issue that John Watson et al resolved.

Jay Lenderts
The delivery tech of the course worked very well. Able to hear and see. Access to servers was very easy once understood how to do it.

Was nice that it was only 4 hours (or so) per day. Usually classes are 7 to 8 hours and that is almost too much in one day.

Katharine Brewer Montana State University
One thing that would have helped me (since I'm very new at all of this). The exercises often had us "verify" that things were correct by inspecting certain views. An example of what correct output would look like (approximately) would be really helpful, as I wasn't very familiar with how things should look.

The content was really useful and I liked the half-day format.

Kwok Lau Acxiom Corp
The online meeting is good. It will be more beneficial if we have 2 computers so the primary and standby is not on the same machine.

It cut the cost down and Instructor is good.

Inna Walters acxiom
John could answear all questions! Great!

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