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ALATO - A Lightweight Administration Tool for Oracle Database

What happened to Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager DB Control?


ALATO to the Rescue! (ALATO-XE is Free)

ALATO is essential for:

  • ISV's shipping Oracle Database under an "embedded license" where OEM is not available
  • 12c Standard Edition customers who need more features than available with "Oracle DB Express" (OEM DB Control is not available with 12c)
  • Enterprise Edition customers who don't require the complexity or overhead of Cloud Control

In addition to standard administrative functions usually found in all administration tools, ALATO provides essential functionality that other tools simply do not have:

  • Scheduled Database Duplication (Clones)
  • APEX Application and Workspace Backups
  • Metric Threshold Alerts and Notifications, even with Standard Edition
  • Reporting and Management of ASM Storage

V1.1.5 is HERE! Download Today! Great New Features:

1. Enhanced APEX export schedules to optionally include exports (data pump) of the parsing schema(s).

2. Viewing the execution plan of currently running SQL statements.

3. Scheduled execution of custom written PL/SQL blocks, existing stored procedures and custom written OS executables.

Learn why ALATO is so easy to use and such a great Oracle Administration tool

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We've made a copy of ALATO available for you to try - Now!

(you won't be able to make changes to our database, but you will be able to see what ALATO has to offer).

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