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Student Comments
Class Title Instructor Client Date
Advanced APEX Dan McGhan anonymous 3/19/12
What I Liked: "I feel this was a very well taught course. Thanks very much Dan!... I really like how well Dan knows APEX. I really learned a great deal about the session state and Advisor. I am sure there is a great deal more I could learn. I didn't even realize Advisor existed. I basically taught myself APEX about 5 years ago, have developed about 20-30 applications. When I want learn more I take the free webinars that you offer at SkillBuilders and search the web for information."
Suggestions for Improvment: "The only thing I would suggest is to maybe have an intermediate course for the users that have taken the intro, but have not worked in APEX for very long. I felt there were some users in the course that could not get around as easily as they should have been able to in an advanced course. Giving step by step instructions in the workshops would help this and would be a great reference to go back to."
Getting Started with Groovy and Grails Ken Kousen Eastern Illinois University 3/5/12
"The teacher, his knowledge, his teaching methods, his patience with students just beginning in java/groovy/grails. He showed us over and over how to use all the information he gave us. He said it every which way to make sure it sunk in. I feel confident enough to give it a try."
"Ken was amazing. He knows a lot on the topic and was able to share it with us in ways that related well."
Introduction to Java
Gentle Java
Ken Kousen Eastern Illinois University 1/23/12
"It covered a lot of territory and the teacher was a perfect fit. The teacher revisited every part of the subject matter until we understood. He was excellent in providing answers to our questions."
"Ken was an excellent instructor. His quirky sense of humor was amusing to listen too. His examples were easy to follow even when the content had left me behind. Ken is an excellent instructor."
Custom APEX: Dynamic Actions Dan McGhan BAE 10/14/11
What I Liked: "Dan was unbelievably knowledgeable about the subject matter. I've never had a class before that didn't have at least one question asked where the instructor said they would have to find the answer and get back to us later. He immediately knew the answer to every question that was asked and volunteered info that we hadn't thought of that would trip us up once we returned to work to use what we had learned. "
Suggestion for Improvement: "Provide the APEX training instance link in the welcome email."
Suggestion for Improvement: "The only issue was that the trainees didn't have the link."
Custom APEX: Dynamic Actions Dan McGhan BAE 11/22/11
What I Liked: "Everything. When I requested a custom Dynamic Actions course, I left it up to you to decide the content details and you did not disappoint. Dan was excellent."
Advanced Oracle SQL Geoff Wiland National Capital Commission 11/16/11
"The instructor was very attentive to our questions and used typical examples. I definitely walked away with helpful information that I can currently work with.... I was extremely pleased with the content and the presentation of the course."
Advanced APEX Dan McGhan RMF Consulting 10/17/11
What I liked:"My company provides training to our customers, and I had my training director sit in for 20 minutes to see how online training should work. You guys do a great job with it." Suggestions for Improvement: "The only suggestion for improvement would be that some meeting software (I think Webex) allows for users to "virtually" raise their hand or clap or vote."
Advanced APEX Dan McGhan NASA 10/10/11
"I would highly recommend Skillbuilders to anyone and will consider using you for future training - hopefully the advanced class, once I get a little familiar with APEX!"
Oracle Application Express (APEX) Workshop Dan McGhan Large Retail Pharmacy 2/19/11
"This instructor was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and took the time to answer our questions."
"I liked that the [online] classes were not all day affairs, which is a real drain on brain power after lunch."
"Web format allowed the instructor to work interactively with the students."
Advanced SQL Queries for Oracle 10g Databases Geoff Wiland Telcordia 2/19/11
I liked the fact that you spread the course out over 4 afternoons.
I was impressed at how easy it was to configure my system for the database and the online class.
Introduction to XML Geoff Wiland Telcordia 11/5/11
"Good exercises, well paced."
"The presentation was clear and was done well."
Oracle Application Express (APEX) Workshop Jorge Rimblas Large International Pharmacueticals 10/22/11
"Instructor is knowledgeable. Take home material will prove to be useful."
"Instructor's ability to address issues"
"Up to date material, knowledgeable instructor"
Backup and Recovery with Oracle 10g RMAN Chuck Felix Shoe Retailer 10/10/11
"The instructors flexibility was greatly appreciated and his patience and attitude was good."
Introduction to Oracle 10g Geoff Wiland Travellers 6/7/07
"Good pace and content, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and Geoff is a good instructor"
Oracle10g New Features for Developers Geoff Wiland UBS 5/23/07
"Instructors ability to cover topics relevant to students requests/needs"
Custom Oracle SQL Training Dave Anderson Physicians Sales and Services 2/23/07
"The instructor's ability to convey the material in very simple, yet effective manner. Dave Anderson is about the best instructor Ivve seen in training"
"Instructor is very knowledgeable, can easily adapt to questions on the fly, yet keeps course moving. Courseware and online resources are excellent"
Introduction to Solaris Mick Hosegood Infinera 12/14/06
"Mick's Hands-on approach made complex made complex material easier to grasp"
Oracle10g New Features Overview Dave Anderson MBNA 4/27/06
"Explained as an Oracle User - Not just a teacher with no real experience."
"Good relevant materials presented with material"
"New Features associated with my job like: like datapump, dataguard, & flashback"
Introduction to Oracle9i for Developers Geoff Wiland UBS 3/31/06
"Instructor was very effective in communicating complex theories. Instructor was very knowledgeable in Oracle, evident in his answers to questions."
"Depth of instructor knowledge and trying things not in the book and working through solutions lead to a positive learning experience."
Advanced SQL Queries for Oracle9i Databases Dave Anderson Physicians Sales and Services 12/22/05
"Instructor knowledge was very extensive. Great course material and other references provided."
"Instructor was really sharp/quick, knew the answers to questions or could quickly find them. Course was way better than average. Clean with lots of good examples."
Oracle9i Database Administration Geoff Wiland Telcordia 11/04/05
"Geoff was one of the best instructors I've had for training courses."
Introduction to XML
Using XML with Java
Geoff Wiland UBS 9/30/05
"Good in-depth coverage of the subject, instruction was clear and concise."
Introduction to Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus Geoff Wiland Telcordia 8/19/05
What I Liked: "The instructor's delivery of the material was great. Just the right pace and his explanations were very clear and thorough."
Any suggestions for improvement?: "No. This has to be one of the best training classes I've ever taken. Can't wait for the next class."
Oracle10g New Features Overview Dave Anderson KPMG 8/10/05
"This course gives me a very good idea about the new features available in Oracle10g"
"This course provided me with a good overview of the 10g Features. It also went into depth on a few subjects. Dave is a very knowledgeable Oracle instructor"
Introduction to XML Geoff Wiland Telcordia 11/10/04
"Geoff is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. I don't think we could have had better"
Oracle9i Database Administration Geoff Wiland Telcordia 11/1/04
"Extremely hands on all material. Instructor was very knowledgeable about all phases of the course"
"Mr. Wiland is extremely knowledgeable and thorough"
"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the course and taught it very well"
Oracle9i PL /SQL Programming Geoff Wiland CDPHP 4/15/04
"Instructor was great"
"Reviewed each lab after lessons"
Oracle9i Differences for Developers Dave Anderson Unilever 03/09/04
When asked what they particularly liked about the course: "Related scenario to real life business problems."
Intro Oracle9i for Auditors Geoff Wiland CompuCredit (customized) 02/25/04
When asked what they particularly liked about the course: "We touched on topics of pertinence in greater detail.customized class. Overall, I was very satisfied with the course. Training materials were very detailed."
Custom Java/XML Tom Anglim General Dynamics 10/27/03
"This course was great. Very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable on the material and explained everything very well."
"This course was excellent. The teacher was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and presented in a way that definitely made sense. He was able to answer almost any question presented. And if he didn't know the answer, he would look it up and get back to us either the next day or later the same day."
"This class worked well for me. There was a lot of material covered in the time available but, with some prior exposure to Java, the overall pace was good. .The instructor was excellent - very thorough, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He was also responsive and, with limited time on Friday, tailored the XML material to the needs of the class attendees."
"Very good course! Excellent material! Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained topics thoroughly."
Oracle9i New Features Overview Dave Anderson Proligence 10/02/03
"I found you a great instructor and passed along my recommendation to all I know."
Introduction to Oracle9i for Developers Geoff Wiland UBS Financial Services Inc 09/08/03
"This gentleman can teach like no one else I've met. Please don't accept a substitute! Especially do not take this course in-house! Extremely knowledgeable with real-world experience and great recall."
Introduction to Oracle9i for Developers Geoff Wiland JPMorgan Chase 08/04/03
"Training program was perfect as is. The class and instructor were the best I have taken in my tenure here."
"Everything was just right - can't think of any changes."
Java Swing Tom Anglim Mini Mitter 04/7/03
"I like the way the presentation materials had both the slides and additional notes and code snippets."
Java I/O Tom Anglim Mini Mitter 04/08/03
"Covered many topics.  Just enough detail."
Introduction to Java Tom Anglim Mini Mitter 03/31/03
"Excellent on presenting concepts & general nature of OOP & Java."
Introduction to XML Geoff Wiland Telcordia 03/17/03
"The course material was clear & easily understood. Instructor led class in a logical manner and explained concepts very well and provided an environment where questions were able to be asked and answered."
"The exercises were extremely helpful. I appreciate the way the class was structured. You learned something then built on it in the next section. Geoff is an excellent instructor. I think it's great that we have access to the course material online."
Intro Oracle9i for Auditors Geoff Wiland CompuCredit (Customized) 02/25/04
When asked what they particularly liked about the course: "We touched on topics of pertinence in greater detail.customized class. Overall, I was very satisfied with the course. Training materials were very detailed."