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UNIX Training Catalog: Solaris 10, 11 and Linux Training

Average Rating of All Solaris and Linux Classes: 4.47

Mick Hosegood

Mick Hosegood has worked with Solaris since 1986, when Solaris was called Sun OS 2.

Mick holds 5 Oracle / Sun certifications, including Certified Professional: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator

Call us at (888) 803-5607 to learn how SkillBuilders can help you with Solaris projects or Solaris training requirements.

(Please Call) - Solaris 11 Systems Administration

Solaris & Linux Training

If you are an experienced administrator, consider starting with our Free Solaris Tutorials, then attend a Solaris 11 class. If you are new to Linux or Solaris, we recommend starting with Linux Fundamentals or Introduction to Solaris.

Whether you need customized classroom training at your organization's site or instructor-led online training for yourself, Mick and SkillBuilders can help.

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