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Free Solaris, ZFS, Oracle VM Server Video Tutorials

Learn Solaris 11 New Features, ZFS, Logical Domain (LDOM) Deployment, Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Solaris Network Failover and Load Spreading Features!
Mick Hosegood

Solaris expert Mick Hosegood holds 4 Solaris Certifications and has been working with Sun and UNIX for over 20 years.

Free Recorded Classes and Tutorials

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How to Reconfigure Solaris 11 Kernel Zone Resources 5/24/16 View Now
How to Configure and Install Solaris 11 Kernel Zones 5/9/16 View Now
Solaris 11 New Features - ZFS File System Enhancements 4/11/12 View Now
Free Tutorial - ZFS Management System / ZFS Storage Appliance 12/22/11 View Now
Rapid Deployment of Logical Domains / A Free Tutorial from SkillBuilders 10/26/11 View Now
Installing Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly Solaris Logical Domains) on SPARC T-series Servers 10/5/11 View Now
Solaris Network Failover and Load Spreading Features 4/6/11 View Now