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Free Oracle Webinar - Performance Tuning with Average Active Sessions
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SkillBuilders November  15, 2007 1 (888) 803-5607
Dear Dave,

On December 5th SkillBuilders is hosting a webinar on Oracle Performance Tuning with Average Active Sessions. Look below for detailed information about the webinar content.
The webinar is free, all you pay for is the dial-in call.

Kyle Hailey, Oracle Oak Table Member, will be leading the webinar. I hope you'll join us to learn some great database tuning tips and experience firsthand what SkillBuilders can offer you.
Average Active Sessions
A simple solution to complex performance data.

When: December 5th at 1:00pm EDT; 60 minutes
Where: Your computer
Cost: FREE, plus the cost of your dial-in call.
Average Active Sessions, the golden mean of performance metrics, is a simple, powerful and elegant way of displaying the multidimensional data found in Active Session History (ASH).  Between the dense approximate samples of ASH and the broad accurate snapshots of Statspack we find a simple metric that can easily determine database health.  In this presentation find out how to determine Average Active Sessions from Statspack, AWR or ASH and find out how to use the metric with OEM or by hand by mining ASH data.

Attendance is limited, so please register now.
Who Will Benefit from this Webinar
Anyone who is interested in Oracle Performance Tuning should attend.  Some familiarity with Oracle performance bottlenecks issues such as locks, latches and wait events is a definite plus.
How to Register

For more information, please contact Gary Belke:

Call 1-(888) 803-5607
I think this will be a worthwhile, informative and fun event. If you'd like to join us, please register early to save your place.

And If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to contact me at any time: or 1-(888) 803-5607.

Dave Anderson
SkillBuilders, Inc.
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