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HIPAA Compliant Oracle APEX Hosting on Amazon AWS

Whether it's building a new APEX application or migrating existing systems to Amazon Web Services, SkillBuilders can help. We're experts in coding, migrating, and managing Oracle APEX applications in the Amazon cloud, now with HIPAA compliance.

With eight years of AWS experience and a fully Compliant / Licensed Oracle Database environment, we're qualified to get you more secure, more reliable, more performant, and more cost effective cloud-based IT infrastructure than you've imagined possible.

What's Included (highlights)
Oracle Database 12c, APEX 5.1, AWS EC2 Servers, 3 Workspaces on 3 Databases, SSL, Custom Domain, Encrypted Storage, Encrypted SQLNet, Daily Backups and other DBA Services, APEX Mentoring

Only $500 per month

All you need is your APEX app. (We'll build if required.)

8 years of AWS experience!

"Because of Skillbuilders platform and great service, Pype is not saddled with building and maintaining the Oracle database and APEX infrastructure, not to mention the cost. With infrastructure out of our way, we've been able to focus exclusively on developing our core product. We've progressed much further developing our product important to our core business processes and our bottom line than we would have if we had to purchase hardware and software, install and configure all the plumbing related to internet-facing APEX applications. SkillBuilders complete APEX environment is reliable, patched, performant and scalable. And the money saved on software and hardware is huge."
Karuna Ammireddy, CTO + Co-Founder, Pype | Innovative Construction Software Solutions

"We spent some time looking for a partner to move a legacy APEX application for internal document monitoring to a secure, hosted environment. The migration required upgrading both database and APEX versions. Skillbuilders was the perfect partner for this. They quickly understood the scope of the project and gave us guidance in preparing all the required information for the transfer which resulted in a very timely and seamless migration to the new system. I am very pleased we selected the team at Skillbuilders for this project and would recommend them to anyone looking to consider APEX application development and hosting."
Britton Ward, Vice President, Farr Yacht Design, Ltd.