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APEX 5.1 on Oracle 12cR2 Hosting

Let us be your Oracle APEX DBA!

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8 years of hands-on experience on the industry's best: Amazon AWS Cloud

Can it be this Easy? Yes!
  • No Hardware
  • No Software
  • No Network
  • All you need is your APEX app; and we'll build that too if you need assistance!

    Oracle Database 12c SE2 Unlimited storage available Daily Schema & Application exports plus Daily RMAN backups

    Production Package Details

    • $500 per month. Minimum 6 month Term.
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    • 3 Oracle APEX workspaces in separate databases,
      each with the same workspace-id, to ease rollout of page-level changes
    • 3 Oracle Schemas in separate databases
    • 3 Tablespaces, 5 GB each with AES256 Encryption.
      Additional storage is billed at $3 USD per Gigabyte per month
    • PDF Report Printing with ORDS built in FOP
    • Outgoing Email Support


    • Database: One database user with schema-level privileges for each schema
    • APEX: One APEX Workspace Administrator user for each workspace
    • HTTP: Custom domain name or a subdomain of
    • Customer can load their own data as needed


    • Unlimited Applications
    • Unlimited Transactions
    • Unlimited Incoming Data Transfer
    • Free Outgoing Data Transfer up to 10GB per month. $1 per GB per month over 10GB.


    • Installation of customer-provided SSL Certificate
    • Outgoing connection secured with SSL to webservices or LDAP services
    • Full volume AES256 Encryption
    • Encrypted SQLNet access (for SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, etc). Two firewall ports.

    Database Administration Included

    • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of Production Database. One hour response maximum.
    • One load of customer data
    • OS and Oracle Database Maintenance, Backups, Patches
    • Daily schema and applications exports in addition to Daily RMAN backups


    • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of Production Database and entire APEX environment
    • Special request DBA or Development support available. Call (888) 803-5607

    Uptime Service Level Agreement

    • Uptime SLA according to and based on Amazon AWS EC2 conditions.
    • See for details. Uptime percentage as of Jan 2015 is 99.9974%.


    • 2 CPU Virtual Server, shared. Dedicated servers available.
    • Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2 and above
    • APEX environment and above
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux Release 6.5 and above
    • APEX Listener ORDS (3.x and above)
    • Glassfish Application Server 4.1 and above, DMZ/Firewall protected
    • Apache 2.2 DMZ Server and above, including secure Reverse-Proxy technology

    Database Maintenance Strategy:

    • SUs, CPUs, SPUs are applied within 10 business days of release.
    • Patch Sets (e.g. to, APEX 5.0 to 5.1) will be applied as soon as thorough testing is completed, which can be dependent on the time required for a customer to test applications.
    • Upgrades to Major releases (e.g. 11g to 12c) within a year after release, unless industry is buzzing with notable issues with new release.
    • Interim patches will not be applied unless necessary to fix a specific problem occurring on the database.

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    Fair Use Policy

    The Production Package is a shared server environment (see Enterprise Package for dedicated servers). If client's Application adversely affects the performance of SkillBuilders Server, then SkillBuilders shall have the right to terminate the Application. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact Client prior to termination.

    Pricing Disclaimer

    Prices may be changed at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without prior notice.